Roxanne & Rocket (Just A Touch Rescue)

Roxanne & Rocket are being fostered in Marlborough, MA for Just A Touch Rescue.

A friend of mine is fostering for the first time and these two sweethearts are her first fosters for Just A Touch Rescue. Roxanne (above) and Rocket (below) are as sweet as they come.

But don’t let Roxanne’s tiny size fool you, she is the alpha and knows how to put the boys in their place…nicely of course. Here she is demonstrating her technique with her foster mom’s personal dog, Bentley (the one laying on the ground), also from Just A Touch Rescue.

She may be little but she she can keep up with the boys, and then some. She loves playing rough and is a social girl.

She can be a little shy when first meeting people but warms up quickly. She is good with other dogs and cats, though she can be very interested in them. Rocket accepts people right away and is washing faces and commandeering laps within moments. There’s no such thing as a stranger.

He also is social with other dogs and fine with cats. He loves playing and back scratches in the grass are a favorite pastime.

He certainly has a nose for the good life and hopes he will find his forever home soon.

Roxanne and Rocket are available through Just A Touch Rescue.

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