A Sweet Angel (Broken Tail Rescue) – AVAILABLE!!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 11, 2012: Angel has been returned to rescue and is available for adoption.

Angel is being fostered in Worcester for Broken Tail Rescue.

This is one sweet, energetic bundle of energy! She is a petite girl, probably weighing under 25 lbs and full grown at a year old. Angel is ALL puppy and lives to play, she will need a very active family who will be able to direct her energy in a positive way.

She is an excellent candidate for agility and flyball and perhaps a chance at the Olympics for the high jump. This girl can jump!

When she first arrived she acted dominant but only because in her previous home she was allowed to rule. In just one short week in her foster home, she is learning her manners and is very happily giving up her role as alpha. She will need a dog savvy owner who uses NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) and they will have a perfect girl.

Angel plays well with laid back, submissive dogs. Here she is “helping” her foster mom’s dog, Raisin, with a toy. Their energy level was the same and played constantly with each other, playing games of tag and keep away with various toys. Both were given carrots as treats and Angel respected Raisins space and didn’t steal her treat. A very good sign this girl is well on her way to being a properly socialized girl with other dogs.

Angel is still all puppy and loves to jump up and try and give kisses. She is a very affectionate girl and loves to walk between your legs. She cleaned my face a number of times while occasionally chewing on my nose. She is good with adults and children, though must be taught not to jump, especially on very young children. She is unknown with cats.

She has only been at her foster home since Memorial Day weekend and already does not need a leash to stay in the yard. She stays right with her people and dog friends. She has a good recall though she sometimes will ignore if something very interesting catches her attention. She knows sit and will remain sitting for a long time. This is a very intelligent girl who will need to be mentally and physically stimulated. She may have Border Collie in her background which means she will need a job or she will find one herself.

Angel is ready to go home. Couch potatoes need not apply. This girl will keep you on your toes.

If you are interested in Angel, please contact Broken Tail Rescue.

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