Save Your Ass Rescue (June 30, 2012)

Photos taken in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

This was my first attempt at photographing donkeys and I have to say it was a real learning experience.

I knew absolutely nothing about donkeys and thought it would be a difficult task to get close up. I couldn’t have been more wrong as the photo above shows. In fact, I had the opposite problem because these guys were sooooo friendly that I had the problem of trying to put space between them and the camera. They were so curious about me and especially the black thing in front of my face that the above photo is what I saw a good deal of the time.

I learned that donkeys are basically large dogs that follow you around and nose you for your attention. There is no such thing as “stranger” and they want to be friends as soon as they meet you.

They are very social and enjoy the company of their own kind and can form close bonds. This pair was always together and where one went the other followed.

I had such a fun day spending time with these sweethearts. Please enjoy the rest of the photos and make certain to watch the slideshow at the end.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “Save Your Ass Rescue (June 30, 2012)

  1. Lisa, Thank you so very much for taking such great photos of the animals. So glad that you enjoyed your time with them. Your generosity and thoughtfulness and talent! are greatly appreciated. Best, Ann (SYA president and shelter manager)

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