Emma, Sophie, Jack, & Rupert (Broken Tail Rescue)

Emma and her babies are being fostered in Framingham for Broken Tail Rescue.

Emma is the mom of 4 kittens. Sadly, one of her babies didn’t make it but she has done a wonderful job raising her remaining 2 boys and 1 girl.

Emma was practically a kitten herself when she became pregnant because someone didn’t care enough to have her spayed. Kittens raising kittens happens way too often. But this will be her first and last litter as she will be spayed once her kittens are weaned which will be very soon.

Emma is a very social girl and loves being with people. She is a total sweetheart and loves giving gentle nibbles, her way of showing affection. She is very food motivated and loves her wet food.

She’ll even do tricks for it!!

Group photo of the 3 kittens: Rupert, Sophie & Jack

Sophie is the only girl in the litter and looks like her mom.

Nothing can stop this little spitfire. Sophie has cerebellar hypoplasia which affects balance and coordination, just don’t tell her that. She doesn’t realize there’s anything wrong and is a very happy and playful girl. She has a healthy appetite and perfect litterbox habits.

She has a black spot on her elbow and when positioned a certain way, looks like a heart.

When taking photos of this sweet little lady she was all over the place, climbing out of the basket and keeping up with her brothers until she finally crashed. Like a typical kitten, she plays hard and sleeps hard!

Here are the boys, Jack & Rupert. Jack has the big mitts…

…and Rupert has little feet with lots of white hairs and faint dark grey striping.

Both boys are very sweet and almost impossible to keep in one place. They were very busy trying to check everything out…

and eat their way through…

All are available for adoption soon through Broken Tail Rescue.

Check out the rest of their photos…

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