Plomo & Dodge (Broken Tail Rescue)

Plomo & Dodge are being fostered in Worcester, MA for Broken Tail Rescue.

I met the cutest odd couple, Plomo and Dodge. Plomo appears to be a purebred Chihuahua and Dodge is a Pitbull mix. And simply put, both boys are full of themselves.

As is typical of Chihuahuas, they tend to forget they are the smallest dog breed, but only in physical side. Their bravado will not fit into the largest breed! And there’s nothing like hiding, um positioning, oneself behind a leaf to check if the coast is clear.

Dodge is still all puppy and lives to play with both humans and other dogs. He tries to act tough but the foster mom’s female Pitbull knows how to put this youngster in his place.

Both dogs are good with kids though Dodge thinks he is a herding dog and tries to nip at fast moving feet.

Elier volunteered to be the photographer’s assistant and had the difficult task of loving on both dogs.

Though I think Plomo may have been getting the stuffing squeezed out of him!  LOL

Did someone say TREATS?!!

Both dogs are available for adoption through Broken Tail Rescue.

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