Minnie Pearl, Fluffernutter, Patch, Satchmo, and Huggy Bear (Broken Tail Rescue)

All cats are being fostered in Worcester, MA for Broken Tail Rescue.

Here are the girls, Minnie Pearl (above) and Fluffernutter (below).

One word describes these 4 kittens….Awwwwwwwwwwwww

And here are the boys, Patch (above) and Satchmo (below).

All 4 kittens are great with people and total sweethearts. They know how to have a good time!

Huggy Bear (below) is a sweet boy who had a rough start in his young life but is learning quickly that people are a good thing…except when they do silly things during a photo shoot.

Huggy Bear was thrown out of his house as a kitten and had to survive the streets on his own. Thankfully, that part of his life is over and things only get better from here on out…

…as long as this lady stops with the clicky thing! My pink friend, tell me when she’s gone.

All cats are available for adoption through Broken Tail Rescue.

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