Finn (Available for Adoption)

Handsome, loving 1 year old Finn was found as a stray with welts so deep on his back, we can only imagine what he endured. But his spirit was not broken and he is a playful, happy pup with not an ounce of aggression. He likes toys, walks, car rides, cuddling and being your typical pittie couch potato, too. Finn has done well with some dogs he has met but it is best he is the only dog in a home for the time being.

Finn is in dire need. He must be out of his boarding facility by November 15, 2015 and right now we have NO options for him. None. We are looking for an adopter so Finn can finally relax once and for all, but at this point a foster would be a blessing as well.

If you are in a position to foster or adopt, PLEASE consider this boy. He really is a joy and we don’t lie when we say he will greet you with a hug. He’s very special. Please contact Mary Lou at

When I photographed this hunk I received hugs and LOTS of kisses. Nothing exfoliates like a Pibble kiss! Finn accepted every new person he met right away. Despite his rough past, he still loves people of all ages. He is a GREAT boy!


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